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our standards

We are a company dedicated to customer satisfaction.
We understand that you, our customers, want

  • A product that works within your existing architecture
  • Products that work around the clock
  • Freedom to choose your platform and other technological aspects
  • Personal attention and customization when you need it
  • For  Software to be available when you need us
  • To pay for only what you use and nothing more

As for our story, AQIES Technologies is a privately-held corporation founded in 2009. All stock is currently held by the employees of the corporation. The Three main founders collectively have more than 4 decades of experience in the production of software for the different industry. Our CTO was intimately involved in the development of all the Products and all our product lines are tested throughly.

Production Systems
While we will be happy to discuss details upon signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we can tell you our client list includes several of the largest players in the different industry. We also have many smaller clients having tailored our expertise to meet their needs. A partial client list can be found on our web site.
Customer References
We will be happy to provide customer and vendor references upon the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The Future - AQIES Technologies is committed to establishing a long and satisfying business relationship with its clients, and it continuously seeks to develop or acquire technologies that are useful and affordable to small/big and growing business . AQIES will continue to seek to be the provider-of-choice to all businesses.

Core Competences

  • Access to a large talented global resource pool with focused domain expertise and experience allows our clients to focus on their Core Competencies
  • There's a competency center for every emerging technology whose primary responsibility is to understand and disseminate the knowledge to the other technical employees. This enables us assist our clients in responding to the challenges of their current yet globally and dynamically evolving technology habitat.
  • At the core of our corporate beliefs is a "We Can" attitude blending innovation, hard work and common sense. There is no silver bullet or magic solution in addressing customer business needs: what is important is helping customers find the right solution. That is where we excel
  • Our corporate culture nurtures and cultivates passionate, talented problem-solvers who deliver to our clients industry-leading teamwork and responsiveness.
  • We have derived our methodologies heuristically through extensive R&D by our core technical team starting from scratch and the core team has continuously and iteratively adapted and evolved our methodologies and processes for optimum effectiveness across a rapidly developing technology spectrum.