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Enterprises today rely on availability of infrastructure and applications 24x7 to facilitate operations on the global market. IT Departments are faced with the challenge of providing a infrastructure that has infrastructure monitoring capabilities and fault tolerance to support the massive scale of operations demanded by the business today.

At AQIES, we recognize that IT Infrastructure backbone of a company though being a separate component, a holistic view needs to be employed to tie in all the pieces to manage operations at optimal levels. Our IT Infrastructure Specialists work with your IT teams in estimating and designing the hardware requirement, compliance, network backbone, network throughput, storage and dynamic information exchange.

Our Infrastructure management solutions are designed to work for the customer, but our focus is not only to make it work for the current needs, but also to ensure that we have scalability incorporated in each and every piece of the puzzle. Our objective with any IT solution for the customer is designed for ongoing operations with a minimum downtime.

Security concerns in every infrastructure have grown by leaps and bounds, with the Internet becoming an all pervasive medium for information exchange. Our strategy for solutions ensure that our customers can get to where they want, when they want on the internet with the peace of mind that they are behind a secure layer. Security solutions incorporate check and controls as well as constant intrusion monitoring so that any new strains of security breach are caught and plugged.

At AQIES, we provide Onsite Infrastructure management as well as outsourced data center management. Our goal is to ensure that customers can choose solutions that best fit their vision for their companies.