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Our Highly Qualified Support Team is available when you have problems.  But more importantly, we’re here to ensure that you minimize system downtime by providing effective training, planning and knowledge before problems arise. Application Management needs in business establishments today has reached a critical point where reliability, availability and consistent performance are of utmost significance. Accuracy of data and timeliness in ensuring execution of batch processes are at the very core of most companies operational needs.

At AQIES, we understand the impact downtime can have on the operations of the company. Our professionals help companies by supporting the operations of applications that are expensive and risky for the enterprises to manage internally. We have over a period of time, established processes that are tuned to rapidly understand the application as it stands, document processes and fabricate methods to ensure that investment in these systems are derived to the utmost. Ability to understand risks and having strategies to mitigate these risks is built into our management solutions so that companies can progress on tasks and operations critical to their nature of business.

Our application management model is tuned to provide you with solutions that are either onsite or offshore. We will provide you with information required in making choices with the knowledge of the advantages, disadvantages, cost and benefits associated with each of our various support models and what they have to offer. Our Application Management offering is tuned to provide support to applications to ensure availability and consistency in performance of the applications under all circumstances.